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PeopleStance Consultancy specialises in strategic HR solutions

PeopleStance Consultancy specialises in strategic HR solutions and works closely with companies to help them identify problems and resolve them with practical and effective HR services which allow the company to scale.

We focus on small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), and in particular high-growth companies. We provide HR consultancy in the Edinburgh area, as well as the wider local area of Glasgow, Fife and the Scottish Borders.

We’re always interested in working with new clients to help them progress and develop throughout the whole of the UK.

HR Strategy

The big questions – how best to motivate, reward and recognise your employees?  And how best to structure the organisation for success?


Whether organic or acquisitive growth, it needs to be congruent with your company strategy and culture.  To support these changes, coaching for growth, both personal and business, is available.


Feedback and goal-setting is an important part of development, as is knowledge-sharing and growing the Talent Pool.

With the option of Executive Coaching, the business changes can be role modelled, articulated and further embedded by looking at leadership styles on an individual basis.  And for real success, the whole Executive Team should be truly engaged.

Future-focussed and flexible people solutions tailored to your business

Here are some of the business outcomes we can work on together to help your business grow.

Be ready to scale

Implementing a people platform that is flexible and grows with you as your company grows is key.  Where possible, quick-wins are progressed, but often a more holistic and integrated approach will give you the springboard your business needs to get to the next stage in your growth.

Increase organisational effectiveness

Simple yet effective performance management and regular management practices all contribute to the bottom line. Consistency with the company culture is important, as is real-time feedback to drive and keep performance up.

Become an employer of choice

Do you want to be the employer of choice in your local area and in your specialism? What is unique about your company? Can you articulate it? Does everyone feel it? How do you share it with existing and future employees alike?

Can you afford not to engage PeopleStance?

The costs of failing to recruit the right people in a timely manner, the costs of low performance and absence, and also employment breaches can all mount up. By proactively engaging PeopleStance, solutions can be brokered that ultimately save the company money.

Questions on how best to attract, engage and retain employees are frequently asked by companies. And as a company grows, it’s likely to face different challenges as it makes that step-change to the next growth stage.  The HR strategy will also need to be created and evolve as the company progresses.

Here at PeopleStance, our priority is on making a difference and getting real results, no matter how big or small the project.  We thrive on being “the fixer” – really getting to the nub of the matter.  We work in partnership with you to determine the optimal path forward in a hands-on commercial way, right up to implementation and beyond.

Simple yet important questions such as “what’s in it for me?” should always be carefully considered when communicating any change or new initiative.  And the progress along with the business benefit regularly shared to maximise engagement and success.

We’d love to hear from you, whether you’d like to set up an initial meeting to see how we can work with you or if you already have a specific project in mind. We’ll get back to you asap.

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